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Iraq War, 2003

World events have continued to dominate Locumís news coverage over the past few months. We deployed from Dubai to Jerusalem following Israelís targeted killing of the Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin. Our crews travelled to Madrid and Bilbao covering the terrorist train bombings and we were on Tony Blairís plane bound for Libya - capturing that historic handshake with Colonel Gaddafi.


We dispatched a crew to Iran to record the widespread destruction when a devastating earthquake struck the town of Bam and in Haiti we filmed the chaos and violence in Port-au-Prince as rebel forces over threw President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, forcing him into exile.


We continue to have a regular presence in Baghdad with events in Iraq in a constant state of flux.


In Britain our crews have been busy too - the publication and repercussions of the Hutton report, the suicide of the mass murderer Dr Harold Shipman, Security Service whistle-blowing and the on-going terrorism alert are among the many domestic stories we have covered.


Our factual credits include Baghdad Zoo, an ITN Factual production for Discoveryís Animal Planet, and work on the development of the pioneering Teachersí Channel.


Next comes coverage of the meeting of world leaders at the G8 summit in Georgia, USA, the Olympics in Athens Ė and on a lighter note, Eurovision 2004 in Istanbul.

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